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Title: Game Mod: BAHOTH: Methos
Artist:[personal profile] nikkiagent 
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Adam Pierson, Betrayal at House on the Hill
Media used: Digital
Rating/Warnings: G, Haunted Houses?

Let's be honest with ourselves though, Methos would never go IN a haunted house....

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This is my first offering here and I do hope it is satisfactory!

The first in what I hope to be a long line of Mods for my Favorite. Board Game. Ever.
Title: Game Mod: BAHOTH: Adam Pierson
Artist:[personal profile] nikkiagent 
Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Methos, Adam Pierson
Media used: Digital
Rating/Warnings: G, Haunted Houses?

Adam Pierson, Ghostbuster... or not.

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This October, it'll have been 20 years since Highlander: the Series first aired. To paraphrase Kastagir, we should hold a party!

Details here on DW:

We have three different challenge categories, and we're accepting all kinds of creativity so long as it fits into one of those challenges. So far, we have people signed up for fic, vids, and art and we'd love to see fanmixes, fantasy casting, icons, meta/essays, or anything else you can get to fit the challenge.

Gorgeous banners, of course, courtesy of [personal profile] killabeez.

Signups are now through June 3rd. Come play -- it'll be fun!
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The Meta Month of March is a month-long meta fest for all kinds of meta - general discussion about fandom, writing, vidding, etc. as well as fandom-specific meta. We're looking forward to a (hopefully) great variety of meta topics and a lot of discussion, and we'd love some Highlander meta in the mix! :)

In the second half of February, you can sign up with a topic you want to write about, and a day in March when you'd like to post it. (There's a post for requesting and suggesting meta topics if you need inspiration!) You can find the full rules here.

The fest is run through [community profile] month_of_meta and [ profile] month_of_meta.

Sign-ups are open now on LJ and on DW.
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Title: Killer Instinct
Author: [personal profile] scrollgirl
Fandoms: Highlander/Criminal Minds
Characters: Duncan MacLeod, Aaron Hotchner
Spoilers: "Nameless, Faceless" (CM 5x01) and general HL Season 6
Words: 1450
Rating: R for blood and violence
Summary: Duncan MacLeod has a killer. Instinct.

Killer Instinct
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Over on LJ: hlh_shortcuts -- today the stories began to be posted.

The long-awaited gift exchange is in full swing.
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Title: Methos with a mutant baby
Artist: [personal profile] ratcreature
Fandom: Highlander/X-Men
Characters: Methos, mutant baby
Media used: acrylics on paper, original ca. 35x45cm
Rating/Warnings: G, none
Notes/comments: This is an illustration for [personal profile] basingstoke's awesome Highlander/X-Men crossover WIP Unalienable.
Preview: preview of Methos with mutant baby
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Title: The Temptation of Richie
Author: beccaelizabeth
Rating: Gen, no archive warnings apply
Length: 1818

Summary: Missing scene from an episode that never happened. Richie faces his demons.

Link: The Temptation of Richie

Not that I usually go around looking for Richie fic, but I sort of stumbled on this one and thought--hey, yeah, Richie and the demon, what happened there?--and this is an excellent answer. I especially love the part where the demon asks "Who is the one person who has tried for your head and still lives?" and Richie stands firm. That demon was really, really evil.
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Title: Database
Author: bearshorty
Fandom: Highlander: The Series.
Characters: Methos, Joe.
Pairing: none
Word Count: 3,074
Rating: General Audience
Warnings: none
Summary: In 1995, Watchers thought that the computer database was a really bad idea as Kalas almost exposed them to the world. And yet, less than two years later, a database is up and running as Joe tracks the Horsemen. Even Watchers must adjust to new technology. In the fall of 1995, Methos just needs to convince Joe it is a good idea. Written for [community profile] fannish_library_fest.
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Davis-Panzer Productions. I’m just playing with the characters for fun and not for any profit.

Database )
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Title: Global Encounters to 1600
Author: bearshorty
Fandom: Highlander: The Series.
Characters: Methos
Summary: History through Methos’ eyes.
Rating: General Audience
Word Count: 3,569.
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Davis-Panzer Productions. I’m just playing with the characters for fun and not for any profit.
Author’s Note: I wrote this for a class I was teaching. One drabble for every lecture, whatever I found the most interesting.

Global Encounters to 1600 )
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Icon entries for Challenge 30: Artist's Choice are up and ready for your vote at [profile] hl_stills. Please come over and support our wonderful artists.
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Quick reminder that the deadline is fast approaching. [profile] hl_stills deadline for Challenge 30: Artist's Choice in just 2 days, April 29 at 4am EST.

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
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[personal profile] baronjanus has written three scrumptious ficlets, and you need to read these.

For the Cake Or Death/Cake And Death/Cake For Death challenge.

Warning that some of the ficlets might have triggers for some people (consider the "death" part of the cake challenge and read accordingly)

Ficlets are in the comments at my journal, but they are very much worth the minor scrolling needed to get to them, and they pair up perfectly with each other in the three categories.
3 Cake & Death ficlets
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We've already received one request for an extension for the upcoming challenge. Therefore, the mods are in agreement to extend the deadline for entries until Wed, Feb 23.

If you haven't taken a look yet, go here for the screencaps for Challenge 28: Valentine's Day Special. Add two characters in one icon for your couple of choice. Your icon can be gen, het or slash.

Come visit us at [profile] hl_stills.
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Friendly reminder post that Challenge 28: Valentine's Day Special entries are due at 09:00 AM GMT (04:00 a.m. EST in North America), Monday 21 February 2011. Entries will be up shortly thereafter and voting will run for two days, with voting ending at 09:00 AM GMT (04:00 a.m. EST in North America), Wednesday, 23 February 2011.

If you were working on your entries and short of time, just give one of the mods a holler and we'll see what we can do. Hope to see lots of new gen, het or slash couple icons.

Come see us at [profile] hl_stills.
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News for [profile] hl_stills. Contest 27:Connor is over and it was a huge success. We received some great new Connor MacLeod icons. You can find the winners here . Something really strange happened while we were voting, though, and we can't figure it out. The post announcing the contest with the screencaps has simply vanished . None of the mods deleted it and it is just gone . Anyone have a clue?

On to Challenge 28: Valentine's Day Special .

So, after a bit of a pow wow and after considering what day falls on next Monday, the Mods have selected the following theme: "Valentine's Day Special". But, to make it interesting, the real challenge this time is that we're going to ask you to take two separate images and combine/blend them into one.

EDIT: just to clarify, we're asking you to blend two of the characters in the images provided into one icon.

Below the cut, you'll find a variety of images of numerous characters for your perusal. Please use only these images. However, feel free to use any textures, text et al that you'd like, but only the base images should be used for the icons themselves. Up to five icons per artist are welcome!

The challenge ends at 09:00 AM GMT (04:00 a.m. EST in North America), Monday 21 February 2011. Entries will be up shortly thereafter and voting will run for two days, with voting ending at 09:00 AM GMT (04:00 a.m. EST in North America), Wednesday, 23 February 2011.

Now, this started out (in our discussion) being a slash contest. However, we're not technically a slash community and not all our artists are slashers. So it is and it isn't. In fact, it's whatever you want your icon to be. But we picked lots of different screencaps for you to choose from and I hope everyone will have a lot of fun making your gen, het and/or slash icons.
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The new icons are up for Challenge 27: Connor . Come and put in your vote. Great new Connor icons.
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[profile] hl_stills Challenge 27: Connor was due this morning around 4am.

However, since we've had a couple of requests to extend the contest a few days, we have agreed to extend until Wed morning (4am EST) Feb 9. We hope that gives everyone interested time to finish and enter. We're looking forward to seeing your icons.
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Title: Holiday in the Sun
Author: bearshorty
Fandom: Highlander: The Series.
Pairing: Duncan/Methos
Summary: Six years after Endgame, in the middle of a busy and tiring Christmas season, Mac receives an invitation to a holiday.
Word Count: 7,777
Warning: Slash, nothing explicit. Don’t read if it is not your thing.
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Davis-Panzer Productions. I’m just playing with the characters for fun and not for any profit.

Holiday in the Sun )
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Title: Illumination
Author: A Lanart
Fandom: Merlin/Highlander
Characters/pairing: Blaise (OC), Gaius, Methos
Rating/Spoilers: PG. No Spoilers.
Warnings: none
Summary: When Gaius was young he met someone rather unexpected.
Disclaimer: BBC own Gaius and this reworking of the Merlin universe. Panzer/Davis Productions own their concept of immortality. I own the OC and the myths are public domain.
No copyright infringement intended, no profit made.

Written for consci_fan_mo on LJ.