Dear Writer 2017

Oct. 7th, 2017 11:45 pm
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No longer just a Placeholder!

First off, Dear Writer, thank you for loving something I love, and writing for me. I have never been disappointed in a Yuletide piece written for me, and I am sure I will love yours!

General Thoughts )

Individual Requests
Hedgehog and Polar Bear - Nami Nishikawa )

Sino-Soviet Propaganda Posters )

Whitehaven - The Handsome Family (Song) )

Battle of Tollense River c. 1250 bce )

Smith of Wootton Major - J. R. R. Tolkien )

The Iliad - Homer )

As always, thank you again. Have fun! I am sure I will be delighted with whatever you choose to write!

Dear Yuletide writer

Oct. 7th, 2017 05:06 pm
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Dear Yulewriter,

thank you so much for writing a story for me! Rest assured that you really can't go wrong here. All my requested fandoms are very rare, and just the existence of new fic in any of them will make me incredibly happy.

I've requested all of these before, and have been lucky enough to receive fic for all of them before, but I really desperately want more. (With about equal amounts of craving, so no matter which we matched on, you are going to give me something wonderful.) I suppose what I really want for each of them is a giant fandom with hundreds of stories, but since I'm not going to get that, Yuletide it is. My once-a-year chance. :)

General Preferences

Fic Likes & Dislikes )

As for the fandoms and ships I requested, everything important is in the AO3 requests, but if you'd like some additional info/ideas/thoughts, here you go, in no particular order:

Ring of Swords - Eleanor Arnason )

Starfire series - Various Authors )

Nantucket trilogy - S.M. Stirling )

1632 series - Various Authors )

Ahem. Yes, that was pretty long. But please don't worry if my suggestions aren't your cup of tea; as I said above, any story you can come up with around these characters will make me jump with glee. Most of all, have fun writing! :)

It's my job

Oct. 7th, 2017 10:26 am
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cut for gore )

When writing this post, I accidentally hit something on the keyboard and opened up the Firefox WebIDE window, which I didn't even know existed. Now I have to find out more about it, because it looks intriguing.
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Please sign up, repost, reblog, retweet, etcetera.

idle musings

Oct. 6th, 2017 10:49 pm
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After reading another article about how Neanderthals may have contributed even more to the genetic mix of modern humans outside of Africa than previously assumed, I've been wondering how these groups of humans would have seen each other.

Would they have actually thought the other group to be more different than other groups of their own "species"? (I'm actually not sure you can really call these human subtypes different species when they could and did reproduce with fertile offspring, but from what I gather the species concept overall just breaks down at certain points when you poke at it anyway.)

I mean, sure when you look at Neanderthal reconstructions they look somewhat different from us, but not different like a chimpanzee, and modern humans among ourselves also have quite a lot of variation (though I'm not sure how much of that had developed at what time), not just skin color, hair and eye color but facial features, size etc. leading to the whole "human races" construction, and the difficulty to get to a consensus that we are in fact all fundamentally the same. So if you are an early Homo Sapiens and see a Neanderthal would you think them really "other" or just somewhat "other" (i.e. like some unrelated other clan of Homo Sapiens)? They also had tools, fire and probably art too after all.

Of course we probably won't ever know, and afaik they haven't found sites of mixed groups that might be a sign that the mixing was even somewhat consensual. And there doesn't seem to have been that much mingling considering both kinds shared Europe several thousand years.

So then another interesting question is of course whether the later Neanderthals were aware that they were slowly going extinct. I imagine they must have been on some level, as their groups got rarer and modern humans more numerous, but then each group might think it a local problem?

I feel like there should be more speculative fiction about this. The examples with Neanderthal appearances I've read were either older (like Auel) and/or more like SF with alternate timelines where they didn't die out (like Neanderthal Parallax) and such.

Yuletide letter!

Oct. 6th, 2017 04:29 pm
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Hi yuletide writer! This will be pretty useless to you so far because it's just a repost of my signup but I wanted it here for reference. Hopefully it will turn into a proper letter before you see it, but if not, have no fear. I am super easy to please as long as you write in one of these fandoms! And I believe wholeheartedly in ODAO and Yuletide Is Meant To Be Fun. Also feel free to scroll down this tag for previous years' letters, most of which still apply, and other thoughts of mine on these fandoms.

The Girl with the Silver Eyes - Willo Davis Roberts
Okay so: WHAT DID THEY DECIDE? AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THEY DECIDED? I feel like staying home would be the wiser choice, but going would be the better story. And there are so many directions it could go, once they go. Also, it's canon that there are other superpowered kids with all different kinds of superpowers there, so there is a lot of scope for crossovers there... I'd also love more about the lives and personalities of the other three silver-eyed kids - how similar are they to Katie? How different? How do they get along when it's not a crisis situation? I'm also really interested in all the grown-ups from the books! Also I headcanon that Ms. K also has some kind of secret psi powers. And ship her with Mr. C. And/or Monica.

The Murderbot Diaries - Martha Wells
I cannot get enough of Murderbot? So mostly I would just like More Of. Here are some ideas: Something set in the Preservation Aux camp (any POV) before canon started when all was calm, or Murderbot dealing with one of its previous more-soap-opera-y past assignments (either before or just after it hacked itself), or something from one of the surveys on the planet before everything went terrible - how different are they from each other personality-wise? How do they work together on group assignments?, or there's just a bare possibility that one or more of the other secbots survived - what did they do? maybe they got left behind for dead and learned how to hack themselves and became hobby archeologists; or everyone on the station gossiping about what Murderbot has done this time. I also really loved the glimpses we got of what life is like in the Preservation Alliance, so anything building on what the Survey crew do after Murderbot leaves would be fun!

DNW: Anything where Murderbot just needs to Learn To Make Friends And Talk About Its Feelings or equivalent. Let Murderbot continue to be someone who is happiest sitting in a corner with its shows! That is OK! Also: no Murderbot falling in love with anyone. Other Secbots making other choices is fine though.

James Asher Vampire Series - Barbara Hambly
I OT3 this hard! I just keep waiting for the point where James finally realizes he and Simon are in love with each other too and it's a triangle not a V, and it keeps not happening for me in canon. I really want a story set after Pale Guardian where James slowly comes to the realization that Ysidro has transferred his promise to watch Lydia into a promise to watch over James. I would also love any backstory for any of the three of them, though! I am also getting increasingly intrigued by Grippen and his relationship with James and or/Ysidro. I'd also enjoy anything about the ancient vampires Ysidro remembers from his youth. Also: would be okay with just a series of attempts by Ysidro to convince a cat to be his friend.

I am also okay with crossing over Ysidro into a far-future SF fandom, those are always cool and I'd love to see how Hambly's vampires work in that kind of world (Also see my Benjamin January request.)

Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
I love everything in this fandom? I would be super into anything about Hannibal's relationship(s) with Rose and Benjamin - OT3 if you want, but also just anything about their dynamic. Similar with the Dominique/Henri/Chloe. I would also be SUPER into solo backstory for any of the nominated characters. And of course the Meyerlings are always great. Also: Rose and/or Chloe doing SCIENCE!! (or science) and/or interacting* with any of the Great Men Of Science of the time. *where interaction could = explosion. And anything else in this fandom, really, honestly. Also, if you also know the Ashers books, I would love some of those vampires showing up in January's world - either via Hyacinthe, who almost certainly learned her piano from January, or just stumbling over them in their travels.

Mr. Trash Wheel (Anthropomorfic)
Stories you could tell about the trash wheels: what things have they found in their rivers? Say, maybe, a ring that shows fiery letters only after it has gotten warm on Mr. Trash Wheel's power supply. Or a magic sword? A cursed pirate coin? A mysterious message in a bottle? A space drive from a damaged UFO that's all ready to be installed? An unidentified body and a murder mystery to solve? A suitcase full of printed-out fanfic from the 1990s? Perhaps the spirits of Baltimore's waters need to appoint champions to fight a great threat! Maybe they get a visit from their future selves and kin who are the centerpieces of a Baltimorean solarpunk utopia! So many possibilities.

Fandom: Brennu-Njáls saga | Njal's Saga
So, I am not, like, a great scholar of the sagas, I just read this once and listened to the SagaThing podcasts on it, so you do not need to be a great scholar of the sagas either, but it is so full of things I would like fanfic of. I really enjoy headcanoning Njal as a trans man, so if you would like to do that, either in canon or in a different-setting AU, that would be awesome (He has powers! He could go to Mr. Cooper's school!) Also, I totally ship Njal and Gunnar and hateship their wives, so anything along those lines would be fun, or really anything exploring wtf was up with those four's relationships in any form. Other things I would love to see include: more CSI:Bergthorshvoll along the line of the famous cheese mold, Njal lawyering like a mofo, Things We Are No Longer Allowed To Do At The Allthing, Icelanders in Space, etc.

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Oct. 6th, 2017 02:54 pm
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It's very wet here, and not drying out anytime soon. There's been crisis after crisis involving this county's water and sewage, with the inadequate system breaking down, pipes rupturing, and raw sewage dumping into the rivers and ocean. Disgusting, frightening, and Florida. We're under a caution now to limit showers, dish washing, doing laundry, flushing, etc., and warnings that the situation will not end any time soon. I've only seen notices from the county/city online and alerts on my phone, but not on local TV news or in the paper [ETA: the local newspaper has posted updates on its website].This is a tourist area with hotels, bars, and restaurants (and a ridiculous number of car washes), and I doubt this has been communicated to customers. Another "boil water" warning has gone out for Melbourne, Palm Bay, and areas of Cocoa and Cocoa Beach. I imagine we're next after the rain that's expected. [ETA2: restaurants have had to close in Melbourne until the boil water warning is lifted.]

I'm knitting. I'm buying yarn online, with some gorgeous stuff I recently acquired. I'm saving for a trip abroad; I had a few invitations to openings in NY and an experimental film viewing, but I can't afford to stay there often. I might try to travel again over Christmas, when my mother goes to Texas to visit my sister.

TV, I've been watching mainly comedies (Brooklyn 99, The Good Place, Great News), plus Lucifer. Good to see Lucifer back again. Otherwise, streaming stuff and TCM. The Mom likes slapstick, so I've been able to get away with some Buster Keaton!

I'm trying to write a little. It's very hard here, but I'm trying to set aside some time late at night, early in the morning. I'm cautiously eyeing Holmestice...
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The Perfect Wife - How Edith Windsor fell in love, got married, and won a landmark case for gay marriage.

Because sometimes you (and by "you" I mean "I") need to remember that the world isn't a huge trash fire, here's a beautiful (and sometimes sad) article about the case declaring DOMA unconstitutional. Even though we're dealing with the backlash now (and there's always backlash, but we'll get through it together), I am still so glad and so relieved that we all in the United States have the ability to get married, regardless of gender.

(I've had a pretty horrific 2017, so this is not the post to leave pessimistic comments about how terrible things are now. If you feel the desire to be pessimistic, please be understanding of my needs for positivity and take it to your own space.)

A Problem With Editing The Form

Oct. 5th, 2017 04:55 pm
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Is anyone else having issues when it comes to editing their Yuletide sign-up? I wanted to add a couple of other fandoms in there, as well as more characters I was willing to write in another. However, when I tell it to save, I end up with an error. “502 Bad Gateway. The server returned an invalid or incomplete response.”

It’s like that in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The only workaround I’ve come up with at the moment is jotting down everything I already have, and that I wanted to add, deleting the current sign-up, and doing another sign-up form with the corrected content. I just worried I would end up with that error again.

Speaking of Yuletide, [personal profile] damzel had the idea of gathering together a list of the gothic horror/gothic romance fandoms that were nominated this year. That’s currently unofficially underway at [community profile] hidden_passages. If there are any that were missed, (I’m certain there must be) feel free to add them there.
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America's Test Kitchen is a TV show about cooking. It includes a product review segment. On one episode, they reviewed laundry stain removers. They recommended OxiClean versatile stain remover. I was looking for something that would remove old food stains (wine, coffee, chocolate, etc.) from my best linen tablecloth, so I tried it.

It worked.

It worked perfectly. It took out stains that had not come out during numerous washings.

If you have clothes and/or household linens with seemingly-permanent stains, I suggest you give it a try. It's a powder which comes in a blue plastic tub. You can use it in the wash, or to pre-soak, or both.